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So whats all the fuss with Brazilian style bikinis and why all of a sudden has Australia finally caught on...

Summer is fast approaching and we are finding more and more Aussie girls are dying to get there hands on some hot new bikinis that certainly don't leave much to the imagination.

The skimp factor is sweeping the nation and frankly, it's about bloody time! In true Aussie style we have been cutting back the fabric inch by inch and year after year! Give it a few more years and the bikini business will no longer exist (Breaking News: Exponential growth in the hair removal business as Seafolly shuts it's doors - okay maybe not in my lifetime). But seriously, if the evolution of fashion has taught us anything its that less is more.

So Australia why now, I mean you could hit any beach in Europe on a hot day and you'll find men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes stripin' it down (or off altogether). Are we just not as confident down under? Is it rude to flaunt what nature gave us? Or are we just embarrassed? I've come to discover that it's a number of excuses stopping women from jumping on the bandwagon...that's right excuses!

Ladies it's time to stop the excuses and either love the body you have or do something to change it! Care factor for what people think of you = 0, how you perceive yourself is everything. Ever see those women who light up a room and wonder why? It's all self confidence baby...the single most attractive thing you can find in a woman.

Now i'm not saying confidence just grows on trees. No, it's hard work mentally, physically and emotionally. It all starts with putting yourself as a priority (kids, jobs and housework are all excuses) you are equally as important as anything going on in your life. You must commit and find the time to work on yourself (or don't expect to be that dazzling women that commands a room full of people). Whether you start meditation, attend fitness classes or have a quiet bubble bath on the's just got to be something that makes you feel good as well as giving you some time to appreciate how amazing you truely are.

So the challenge is set...what is it going to take for you to go and strut your stuff down Bondi Beach with a whole lot of ass blazing in that Aussie sun?

(Tell us in the comments)... 


Photograph by Jesse Allen

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